Ghana controversy to become Hollywood flick

Published On 10/10/2014 | By Theo Sakyi | Africa, Ghana, International, Latest News, Top Stories, World Cup 2014

Ghana’s World Cup bonus row that resulted in $3million in cash being transported to Brazil to calm player discontent is to be turned into a Hollywood story.

An American production company by the name of Bugeater Films have hired writer Darryl Wharton-Rigby to write the script for the movie.

“Football and the players needing the money is kind of the backdrop to the story,” Wharton-Rigby told the BBC World Service Sports hour programme.

“But it’s really about the journey of the guy who actually is entrusted to deliver the money and what happens if he doesn’t get it there in time.

“I actually want the guy who’s the hero of the story to be from Ghana. I think there should be a hero who is African telling the story.

“I saw footage of the police cars taking the money on the highway and you can just see that scene playing out in your mind with someone like Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson as the guy having to save the day. You can see all kinds of mayhem happening on the highway.”

Ghana fans who want to see something good come out of the Black Stars’ dismal World Cup campaign may have to put their excitement on hold as there is still a fair chance the film will not be made.

“It’s 50-50 as to whether it will get made, we’re still at the early stages so we’re going to take it one step at a time. Hopefully we can write a great script and get someone who is attached to it. It’s a fascinating story and I think audiences internationally would really take to it.

“I can see the poster now; lots of soccer balls, a stadium and a guy on the run.”



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